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Retarded Ejaculation : Causes and Treatments

Delayed, or retarded, ejaculation is the inability to reach climax and ejaculate. A majority of men who suffer from delayed ejaculation are able to reach climax outside of sexual intercourse, such as with manual stimulation. This problem can be stressful and can lead to a loss of self-esteem and a damaged relationship between romantic partners. 

Retarded Ejaculation - Causes and Treatments

Often, the problem is physiological, frequently caused by testosterone deficiency. It can also be psychological and traced to irrational fears such as fear of pregnancy, misguided perceptions of their partner’s genitals or a particularly religious upbringing. Delayed ejaculation can also be attributed to the use of certain medications, alcohol, drugs, or as a result of certain neurological conditions. Men with this condition are encouraged to seek treatment. Therapy and counseling can often resolve the problem.

Controlled studies have established that the health of a relationship plays a vital role in sexual performance and satisfaction for both partners. Dr. Shabsigh’s writings have focused on male sexual function, but have included extensive discussions of female sexuality, along with recommendations on how to get the most out of a relationship. These address such challenges as maintaining passion, communicating on multiple levels, and overcoming outside forces (such as job, family, or financial issues) that conspire to weaken a sexual connection.