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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone DeficiencyTestosterone is an important hormone produced by the testicles with many significant benefits in a number of organs and systems in the human body. Its deficiency may present with symptoms such as fatigue, weak muscles, low muscle mass, low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, difficulty with organs and ejaculation and others. It is common in men with certain risk factors such as abdominal obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. If testosterone is low and the symptoms are significant, it can be treated with a number of options of testosterone therapy. In properly selected individuals, testosterone therapy can be very benefitial. However, not every man is a candidate for testosterone therapy. For safety, proper evaluation and follow up are important. The options of testosterone therapy may include gels, injections and pellet implants. 

Men with symptoms of testosterone deficiency such as fatigue, low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction and those with risk factors for testosterone deficiency such as abdominal obesity and diabetes may inquire about testosterone therapy by contacting us at +1 212-249-6060 or by email to schedule an initial evaluation.