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Urologist Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh, MD Answers the Medical Question, "Why Is There So Much Interest in Men's Health?" on His Health and Online Medical Advice Show

NEW YORK, NY - (Marketwire - August 24, 2010) -  In a recent episode of his online medical advice and health talk show, Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh, director of the Division of Urology at Maimonides Medical Center, discusses men's health statistics, common diseases that afflict men the most and the biggest health differences between genders. He referred to the Men's Health World Congress that recently took place in Vienna, which was the largest, most influential consortium on men's health. It brought together health experts from various fields to discuss why men die earlier and suffer more, along with other medical questions.

Along with Dr. Ridwan, his panel of experts, Drs. Harry Fisch, Michael Perelman and Richard Sadovsky, said that it is a worldwide phenomenon that men die younger than women. Usually a man's life span is 4-7 yrs shorter than women in the same community. This could be due in part to genetic differences and the impact of the Y chromosome, but it does not paint the whole picture.

"Men are more susceptible to many illnesses at younger ages than women, and that's simply because men don't see doctors as often as women do," said Dr. Ridwan. "Another reason is that men are usually in denial about their health and usually need to be encouraged to see doctors by their female partners." Another impact on men's shorter life spans is that men typically engage in riskier behaviors.

As president of the International Society of Men's Health, Dr. Ridwan says, "This is why my mission is to overcome these challenges to take a problem and find a solution." The annual Men's Health World Congress is known as a comprehensive multi-disciplinary exchange on men's health topics. Its main goal is to advocate men's health and empower them to take good care of themselves.

"There is irrefutable evidence of the disparity in life spans between men and women," said Dr. Ridwan. "All over the world, men suffer more from heart disease and cancer, and other health risk factors such as smoking, alcohol and obesity." The disparity is even more pronounced in populations of low socioeconomic status. Through his show, Ridwan and his experts provide sound medical advice and information to his viewers in order to educate them on common health issues that affect men worldwide.

Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh

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