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About The Dr. Ridwan Talk Show

Men's Health Talk Show Ask The Doctor

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Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh created his web-based medical talk show, “The Dr. Ridwan Show”, in response to the void he felt existed in on-demand, reliable medical information in health. It is the need for health information that viewers flock to medical talk shows like “The Doctors”, “The Dr. Oz Show”, and “The Dr. Phil Show” to get the information directly from the sources. Conversely, fictional shows like "House," "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy” are also extremely popular but provide more dramatic appeal than factual information. Dr. Ridwan feels that people simply want to ask the doctor important healthcare questions and get reliable information. The problem in researching the answers online for themselves is that the information obtained is not always accurate, or too scientific. And getting a chance to just talk to a doctor, or ask the doctor questions, is not always possible.

The Dr. Ridwan Show vs. Other Health Talk Shows

What sets apart “The Dr. Ridwan Show" from other medical talk shows is that it is on-demand and relevant. The show covers a variety of health topics and information and provides action tools to help people take control of their health, in a simple-to-understand format. Esteemed medical panelists tackle one hot topic per episode in health such as heart disease, sexual dysfunction, breast and cervical cancers, menopause, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, providing their unique insights and advice. The medical experts on the Dr. Ridwan show, including Dr. Ridwan himself, take raw healthcare information, break it down and process it in an understandable format for the viewers. The Dr. Ridwan Show responds to real medical questions with real answers to real situations.

Ask The Doctor – Health Information You Can Use

The Dr. Ridwan Show health series features helpful action tools, designed to inform, educate and incite viewers to take positive steps for their health and well being. Viewers can submit questions or suggest health show topics. The "Dr. Ridwan Show" will raise the bar in terms of patient information and help supplement real-life doctor-patient interactions. In fact, Dr. Shabsigh hopes that his show will educate viewers to make them be more proactive in monitoring their health so that they can take care of issues in advance or even prevent them, by supporting the show’s tagline, “Ask the Doctor - Health Information You Can Use.”