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Speaker Training

The Magic of Communication

Throughout his professional career of 30 years, Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh has been well know for superb public speaking skills.  He is a highly sought-after speaker and frequently invited to address widely diverse audiences.  He has spoken frequently about health, medicine, urology and men’s health at local, national and international events.  Furthermore, he appeared successfully on TV and radio and was interviewed by newspapers and magazines.  As he masters a number of languages, Dr Ridwan has spoken publicly in English, Arabic and German.

After receiving many requests for speaker training, Dr. Ridwan started in 2004 offering speaker training courses to medical and non-medical professionals aspiring to improve their public speaking skills.  He has developed his portfolio of the speaker training courses “The Magic of Communication”.  This portfolio includes courses of various levels, time-lengths and formats in addition to custom-designed courses.  Most of his courses include an instructional part and a practical rehearsal part with video recording, replay and constructive critique.  His courses took place in the USA, Europe and the Middle East and were attended by professionals of various levels ranging from college students, to university professors and from doctors to company mangers. 

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